The advantage of plant - based meat

Plant – Based Meat is suitable for the healthy people who want to build muscle mass and on a diet such as 1 plant – based meat consists of plant protein from soy, vegetables and other ingredients.

The soybeans are a variety of Amino acid for example tryptophan, leucine and arginine. They are all essential nutrients for the body which strengthen the work of muscles and maintain the healthy body. The Plant – based meat helps the excretion be normal and decrease absorption of the cholesterol and fats of intestine.

Moreover plant – based meat has low calories and high dietary fibers which help the consumer feel full faster, balance the body and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Does plant – based meat actually taste like meat?

Plant – based meat is developed and selected ingredients which are modified from plants. Then using the science of food technology to customize flavor and texture with specific production methods to get a variety of plant – based meat but still have the highlight of them. It’s easy to eat and not too full.

So, Elix is proud of food technology for developing steak plant – based meat, is round and thick which can cook a lot of healthy food such as Grilled Steaks, Burgers, Roast meat sandwiches and Roast meat salad. They are all high in protein and dietary fiber for healthy people.

What is plant - based meat?

Plant – based meat is an alternative protein which duplicates meat products. Plant – based meat consists of 95% ingredients from vegetables. There is no ingredient from meat.

Variety of menu from plant – based meat

Elix’s plant – based meat can be cooked in a variety of dishes. Whether it is Thai or International food such as

Grilled Steak topped with gravy sauce, BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce, basil sauce, Meat burgers, Roasted meat salad, Meat with garlic and pepper and Slide – grilled meat salad.