Becoming The Elix

Elix, Plant Based Food a new alternative for health lovers

Through a variety of Fusion menus to satisfy all groups of consumers. Our mission is to send good things through good food to your loved ones. Hence, Healthy is lovely

Plant-Based is not just
a Trend Food

Plant-Based Food is the food of the future which mixes nutrition technology with art to create a new alternative way of food that is both delicious and good for your health.

When “eating” can
heal the world

Meat consumption is one of the solutions to global warming because of CO2 emissions.

Comparison table of food production process
Plant-Based Meat VS Meat

Meticulousness in

“Production process”

Products manufactured under the trademark

Produced in a factory that adheres to international production standards. By a professional team in order to deliver the greatest quality to the people we love.